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Get To Know How Triple Jump Distance Is Measured

What is Triple Jump?

The Triple Jump is referred to as a jump or a hop in a track field that is a little similar to the long jump. In this jump, the competitor or athlete runs down on the track and performs a hop, abound, and then again do a jump directly into the pit full of sand. The triple jump was encouraged by the ancient Olympic Games. It has been a part of modern Olympic events since 1896.  

According to the rules and regulations laid by IAAF, Get To Know How Triple Jump Distance Is Measured the hop or jump performed by the athlete should be made in such a way that he/she should land first on the same foot like the one from which he has taken the jump. In the step, the athlete should land on the other foot from which the jump is again performed. 

How to measure triple jump distance?

The Triple Jump Distance is measured in a similar way the long jump is measured. The jump is measured from the frontage of the take-off to the rearmost mark made in the sandpit. It is impossible to perform a triple jump marking if you are going to hit the sandpit already. So to make a perfect jump and to reach the mark you need to work a lot on it and launch from the right take off the board before jumping, this will help you to reach the correct Triple Jump Marking. And you don’t have to finish the jump on the cinder as it will hurt and there is no mark to make any Triple Jump Measurement

How long is a Triple Jump Runway?

Many people have this question: How Long Is A Triple Jump Runway The answer to this question is the runway of the triple jump is a minimum of 40 meters long. The width is 1.22m ± 0.01m wide. The length is measured from the starting point of the runway to the take-off. 

The runway is marked by white lines that are 0.05 m wide it is also marked by broken lines that are 0.05m wide. The runway is mainly covered by the same surface as the track. 

How does triple jump work?

The athlete has to sprint along the runway of the triple jump before launching from the wooden board. The landing should be taken on the first foot from which the take-off is performed. And in the second stage, the jump should be finished on the other foot, and then again a jump should be taken on the sandpit. The distance from the take-off board to the jump completed in the sandpit is then measured. 

The triple jump is measured in a very disciplined manner. And if an athlete makes any mistake it is considered as a foul and the measurement is not taken. If the athlete steps down beyond the takeoff board then it is regarded as a foul. The athlete has to perform the jump properly to reach the markings. 

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