How to get KFC franchise in India

Are you looking for the world’s largest and most successful franchise business? KFC franchise in India could be an excellent chance for you. If you have enough cash to open a food franchisee, this could be a good chance.

This blog will explain the entire business plan, steps, and get KFC franchise in India.

Starting a KFC franchise entails becoming a part of a well-established company. It is a well-known food supply around the world. Let us look at how much a KFC franchise costs in India and getting started with a franchise.

How to get KFC franchise in India?

As the largest Quick Рservice chain globally, Kentucky Fried Chicken seems to be well-known worldwide. In this article, we will tell you about how to get KFC franchise. 

A fast service restaurant is just a restaurant serving fast food and has limited table service. The KFC business operates in 123 countries. It specialises in fast food and various chicken dishes. 

KFC’s current total revenue is around 400 crore rupees. In India, KFC has a market share of approximately 25%, and the company’s value at about Rs 1,500 crore rupees.

This data suggests that possessing a KFC franchise is an excellent business venture.

KFC is one of the top 20 franchises on the globe. KFC is a strong and reputable brand and has incredible value to new franchisees. Kentucky Fried Chicken is known as KFC. As a franchisee, you can use the names of other brand names to run your own business. Users won’t have to do as much advertising. Promotion and advertising costs will be lower, and you’ll be able to start your business.

You’re going to start a company with a well-known brand name. How to get KFC franchise in India?

India’s cost of a KFC franchise

In India, the cost of a KFC franchise can range between 20 and 30 lac rupees. And this is dependent on the area and location. In American states, the total initial investment ranges from $1,442,550 to $2,771,500. In Indian rupees, the investment ranges between Rs 60 lakhs and Rs 1.2 crore rupees.

Here is the total KFC franchise cost in India

  • 1-2 crores in initial investments
  • Net-worth More than ten crore rupees are required.
  • 5cr in liquid cash is required.

The Advantages of a KFC Franchise in India

Being the buy KFC franchise comes with a slew of advantages. The main advantage that an investor gains from investing in KFC chicken seems to be the company’s strong brand image, which helps a lot in increasing market sales.

  • People hold out a delivery that makes day-to-day operations more straightforward.
  • The KFC platform allows for online purchases and is based on cash-on-cash returns.
  • Franchises combine the freedom of a small business with the benefits of an extensive business system.
  • You do not have to be a business expert to run a KFC franchise. Typically, franchisors present the practice you have to manage their financial guide.
  • Furthermore, the KFC franchise has made far more improvements than start-up companies.
  • You’ll notice that it is easier to protect funding for a KFC franchise.
  • Franchises typically have an approved and well-known name and image certificated management and business practice access to nationwide promotion or advertising and ongoing maintenance.


KFC Franchise is one of India’s most profitable and sustainable franchise businesses. However, it will not be an easy task because you will need to invest a significant amount upfront. Even if you can recoup your investment, you must take a considerable step forward. As a result, if you are prepared for such a task and have adequate funding, no one can stop you from starting a franchise in no time.

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