How To Pronounce Confirm

How To Pronounce Confirm

Pronunciation question today’s question is how do you pronounce the word confirm, which means establishing the truth and conforming to comply, so we have confirm and conform relatively easy lesson.

  Because at the beginning of these words are pronounced the same con to do this, we’re going to have that short schwa sound in this syllable, which means that our mouth will be very relaxed for that vowel.

How to start the pronunciation of the conform word

 Step 1

and that vowel is going to be very, very short. You’re going to start with the K and end with the end n by touching the tip of the tongue to the back of the top. 

Step 2

front teeth while the air moves out of the nose  cin con okay so that’s easy first two syllables we have those for the first syllable for each of those two words 

step 3

we have it down good now for confirm you are going to think of that er vowel, and for conform, you’re going to think about the or vowel 

step 4

you can see the big difference in your tongue is the er is static, your mouth is not moving, and for the or your mouth is moving as that vowel. 

How to pronounce the word confirm

Step 1

It has two parts that we make very quickly together, so start with the F sound. To make this sound, you are going to gently bite the inside or the outside of your bottom lip and let that air keep coming out of your mouth 

Step 2

please do not close your lips, or it’ll sound like a pea, so keep that mouth open F F, and for the Mmmm, the lips come together, and the air comes out of the nose 

step 3

 for the er sound, think about square tense lips tip of your tongue can be down in the bottom of your mouth or flipped backer firm confirm for, or you’re going to pucker your lips and then pull them back to that er position or again think about tight lips.

Step 4

 for that second part of the vowel, the er part of the vowel so that you get that nice American R sound form form form conform conform 

Difference between conform and confirm

for example, think about word stress syllable two is stressed in both of these words. That means that the firm and they form part of the word in syllable two.

 That syllable will be louder, longer vowel, and has a higher pitch than the first syllable.

 The first syllable will be shorter, softer, and slightly lower in pitch, so if you think about jumping up for that second syllable, we have to confirm. confirm conform for example

(1) you need to confirm a few things before you buy something

(2) I promise to conform to the policy.

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