How To Redeem ICICI Credit Card Points

How To Redeem ICICI Credit Card Points

icici bank provides the various rewards points on different credit cards and the points based on your card type. Customers earn reward points on every ICICI credit card transaction, whether it’s for shopping, dining, travel bookings, or online purchases. 

There are 3 types to tell you how to reedeem ICICI credit card points, those are following:

  • Payback reward points
  • Handpicked rewards
  • ICICI rewards

You will be given a payback number when applying for an ICICI credit card with payback reward points. You can use your payback points or your linked mobile number to earn payback points while spending. In addition, when you spend money with payback exclusive partners, you can get bonus points.

How to redeem the points?

To redeem icici credit card points you will have online and offline methods which are very easy to follow. All these methods are explained below:

Online Method:

Following are the steps that you need to follow to redeem the ICICI Bank Handpicked Reward Points online with the help of internet banking:
  • Click here to visit ICICI Bank’s Handpicked Rewards page.
  • Select Redeem for the reward of your choice.
  • When prompted to log into your ICICI Bank account, do so.
  • Finish the transaction.

Steps to Redeem the ICICI Payback Points?

  • for the icici Reward Points reedem, follow the steps outlined below:
  • By clicking here, the cardholder can access the Payback website.
  • Select your preferred product.
  • Use the registered mobile number to log in.
  • Vouchers are sent to the registered mobile number and email address immediately. The delivery of a product will take 10 to 30 days.
  • Customers can also use their Payback points to shop at any of our online or retail partners.
 Offline Method:
  • To check the reward point via the offline method, you have to contact the customer care centre of ICICI at 1800-200-3344. 

How will you check your reward points?

To check for Payback points, you need to follow below steps:
  • ICICI Bank Customer Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Go to the ICICI Bank Internet Banking portal to check your reward points.
  • The most recent points summary is shown on monthly credit card statements.
  • Payback can be accessed by logging in.
  • Call the Payback Contact Centre or log in to the Payback Application.
Follow any of the methods listed below to check for ICICI Bank Rewards:

To use ICICI Bank Internet Banking, you must,

  • First, log in 
  • To prevent your available reward points
  • Go to exclusive offerings
  • Then reward points
  • Finally view rewards

Log in to your iMobile account, select Accounts Services and View Reward Points. Finally, enter your account number and click the submit button.

These are the different methods to check and redeem the points of icici credit cards points use that is easy to understand and save. 


Many people don’t figure out how to redeem the points, although it’s easy. So, this article will be a helpful guide for them. With the help of these easiest methods, everyone can straightforwardly check the credit card points. 

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