What Is The Difference Between Telemarketing And Telesales

What Is The Difference Between Telemarketing And Telesales?

What is Telesales

In the world of marketing and business, you will hear these two words quite often “Telemarketing” and “Telesales”. You might mistakenly think that they are the same terms but there is a major difference between them. The problem is a lot of people don’t know the key difference between these two terms.

Even among professional marketers, these two terms tend to create confusion. The reason why it happens even among the experts is that they both involve calling. If you are trying to get into marketing and can’t get your head around these terms, don’t worry this article will give you a complete overview of WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TELEMARKETING AND TELESALES.


Telemarketing solely focuses on getting in touch with people, making appointments, and generating leads on the phone rather than encouraging people to buy the product. It’s a strategy to make people aware of the benefits of your product rather than asking them to buy it. Telemarketing helps you build potential customers. With Telemarketing, you introduce your company to the people on a phone call to give them a better understanding of your services and products.

You need to know that Telemarketing is not done on emails or text messages, it is only done through phone calls. With telemarketing, you can make your company stand out in the market and increase the value of your company. It is a very good way to promote small businesses since it does not cost much money. Overall, It is a very good way to promote your company and build long-term customers.


Telesales meaning it has been used for a long time while Telemarketing is a recent term. The main focus of Telesales is to encourage the customer to buy the product. While telemarketing focuses on generating leads and building the connection with people, telesales carries out the main part which is to make sales. If both of these campaigns are used together correctly it can skyrocket your sales.

Telesales might seem an easy job to you but it is way harder than you think. If you are trying to increase sales of your products, you will need to hire people with good communication skills. Moreover, a good Telesales team will help the business grow and increase sales significantly.


You probably know the main difference between these two terms now, Telemarketing generates leads & Telesales increases sales. These two campaigns go well together, as mentioned earlier, both of these campaigns can be a really good asset for your company’s growth. If you have a good idea of what these two terms of telecalling sales are, their main difference, and how to use them correctly, you can increase the sales significantly. Now let’s talk about how both of these can benefit you:

Benefits of Telemarketing:
  • It helps you generate leads and build a connection with your customer
  • It can make your company stand out in the market.
  • If you use Telemarketing correctly it can save a lot of money.
  • Gives you customers a good overview of your products and services.
  • Telemarketing helps you build potential and long-lasting customers.
  • Overall, it helps your company grow more and more.
Benefits of telesales:
  • Convert the leads generated by Telemarketing into sales
  • A good Telesales executive  team can increase your sales significantly
  • Helps the company encourage customers
  • Overall it leaves a good impression, costs less money, and increases sales.

Final words:

By using the Telemarketing campaign you can encourage people to buy your product and to increase sales you can use the telesales campaign. You can also use both of them since they go together very well, it can remarkably boost the sales. Hopefully, this article has cleared the confusion between two of these terms.

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