What Is The National Sport Of India? Everything About It Is Fascinating.

The National sport of India is Hockey. The game is second only to Cricket in popularity. There are about 4700 registered hockey clubs and nearly 18,000 registered players in India. For a long time, the top Indian cricket teams have had their hockey team to promote the sport more among other countries.

The India national sport’s popularity is mainly based on the country’s history – it was first played and regulated by British rulers, who started with Cricket and football before moving on to hockey and other sports. The game has grown in popularity since independence. In addition to the national teams, elite youth and school players compete in India’s Hockey World Cup.

Hockey is the national game of India. Lord Stanley officially introduced it, the then Governor-General of India, in 1885 in an attempt to get Indians to play Cricket. In 1887, a team was formed in Bombay under British rules; it took part in the first-ever All-India hockey tournament at Allahabad in 1896.

How to play the National game of India?

The national game of India is a field hockey game played between two teams of 15 players each. Two groups of 7 players play 22 matches in a row, where each game lasts for 45 minutes, and the last 5 minutes are added as an overtime session. So, the total playing time of the game is 90 minutes, and once a goal is scored, that team gets 60 seconds to score again (compared to 90 minutes).

Feature of India’s national sport: Hockey

1. The game’s main feature is played on a significant ground.

2. The referee uses a whistle to signal the commencement and end of the game and each occasion of infringement.

3. The team to score thrice wins the match.

4. Each team is allowed to substitute a player during the play but only after the referee’s permission and at such a time if permitted by him, that the substitute goes onto the ground.

5. Only two players are allowed in each half during batting, whereas three are allowed during fielding.

6. The goalposts are 6m apart and 1m high from the top of the hole, and 5m from ground level.

Other information about the national sport: Hockey India

1) In Indian hockey, there are 11 players on every team, including a goalkeeper who saves goals from other players and the ball.

2) It is a field hockey game. The objective of the game is to score goals. There are 11 players on each side, and there is a goalkeeper who protects the player from the ball or other players and saves any goal that may be scored.

3) Hockey is one of the games which has already been played with the help of a stick or club.

4) In hockey, there are two teams on the field, and each section includes 11 players, including the goalkeeper and the other ten players.

5) These 11 players or 10+1 include a goalkeeper and one extra player who can be used at any game stage.

6) There are 22 matches in a row played by the team at stake, each lasting for 45 minutes, with the last 5 minutes as an overtime session.

7) The total playing time of the game is 90 minutes, and once a goal is scored, that team gets 60 seconds to score again; otherwise, it will lead to a loss of the match.

8) A goal can be scored using either left or right hand only, but not both hands together.

9) India had a considerable contribution to hockey as it is the biggest nation in hockey development. It has an enjoyable way of playing with complete enthusiasm, using sticks and balls. 


India hockey is a top-rated game in India, known as “hockey.” The other name of this game is “Hockey India League” and is named after the most popular team it has played for the past many years. This game has been played in India and some other countries like Pakistan and New Zealand.

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