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Hammer Throwing is a sport that requires power, balance, and projection. Aside from physical capacity, it also necessitates outstanding footwork coordination. It has been a part of the Olympic Games in the male group till 1900. It was also presented to the female group in 1995. The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) is the sport’s governing body.

How heavy is a hammer throw The hammer throw is just a popular subject and path occasion in which the athlete must spin a heavy spherical object in the air with the assistance of a wire or chain attached to it and throw it to a specified distance?

This sport is played by both men and women. The athletes used to perform inside a semi-enclosed perimeter and for the safety of the viewers.

The Hammer Rules

  • A hammer is composed of three parts: a metalhead, a wire, and a grip.
  • The hammer’s head should be made of solid material, such as iron, and should be spherical. For men, the radius should be 110 mm, and for women, it should be 95 mm.
  • The filling is permitted and must be done in such a way that it is immovable as well as the gravity is no and over 6 mm from the sphere’s centre.
  • The wire that will be used with be single and unbroken, with a minimal level diameter of 3mm. This should not stretch any further while in the air. This same connector can be volleyed to the hammer’s two ends.
  • The grip’s construction can be a single or double loop, but it must be rigid and free of any hinging joint surfaces on both sides.
  • The grip must be connected to the wire so it can be done turn within the wire’s loop.
  • The hammer must be measured inside the grip.
  • The performance should take place inside an empty cage to guarantee the safety of the audience.

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