How Many Rounds In Table Tennis In Olympic

Whenever it comes to global events like the Olympics, the regulations of tennis are very clear. How many rounds in table tennis in Olympic?  Here are 5-6 rounds in table tennis in Olympics. Each aspect of the game, from the table to the ball, has its own set of rules that must be followed in order for a match to be played. Getting to know these rules will come in handy when watching table tennis.

Rule 1

  • -The rectangular table’s dimensions will be 2.74m in length and 1.525metres wide. It’ll be 76cm above the floor horizontally.
  • -Playing on the table’s side walls is not permitted.
  • -The table would be split into two separate sides, with a net running down the centre.

Rule 2

  • -The net would be postponed by a cord to every side of the table via 15.25cm high posts.
  • -The net’s top will be 15.25centimetres above table.
  • -The whole bottom of the net will be as near to the table as doable.

Rule 3

  • -The ball must be spherical. This should be 40mm wide.
  • here the ball’s density must be basically 2.7g.

Rule 4

  • -The racket can be any size or shape. The racket’s blade must be rigid and flat.
  • -The part of the blade used to hit a ball should be made of either normal gawky elastomers or sandwich rubber. The pimples in pimpled rubber seem to be outside the blade, whereas the pimples in sandwich rubber are on the inside.
  • -The material used to cover these same bristles must not be larger than the blade’s real size. The wrapping should end where the blade does.
  • -No toxins or other physical methods can be used on the tennis racquet blade covering.

Rule 5

  • -When serving, the ball should be thrown upwards at a height of 16cm (minimum) with a flat palm.
  • -The provider will begin only when the ball is stable in the defender’s flat palm.
  • -The service contact should never be in front of the table and always should be behind it.
  • -At no time during service may the ball be obscured either by area of the body.

There’ll be a knockdown stage in the singles matches both for men and women, that will start with a prelim round. This is accompanied by rounds 1-4, which will each have 16 matches, with the exception of round 4, which will only have 8 matches. The qtr, semi-finals, bronze selection round, as well as finals, will then take place.

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