How Many Players In Cricket Team

How Many Players In Cricket Team?

Many people have experienced Cricket in one form or another, maybe through watching it, playing, or seeing it passing on a sports channel. However, for those that do not know much about the beautiful game of Cricket, this article offers a simple breakdown of some of the essential elements of the beautiful game that is Cricket and answers questions such as how many players in cricket team How many players in cricket squad. A team in Cricket has 11 players on each side of a team of these eleven,  there are three main roles, the batman man, bowler, all-rounder, and wicketkeeper. Additionally, there is a 12th man named during the toss

How many players in cricket squad

As for a cricket squad, the right answer to this is 15 out of the 15 members in the cricket squad only the eleven earlier mentioned are allowed to play and the rest are used as substitutes. However, when at an actual cricket march you can be confused as to how many people are in a cricket team this is because many people accompany the cricket team, this range from doctors, officials, waters boys and of course the fans in the stand who will always voice their concerns about how a particular march is going. In Cricket a score is known as a point, it is made when a player runs between two sets of three wooden sticks (stumps) known as wickets. The wickets are the goals in Cricket. The bowler aims to hit the ball towards the wicket. 

What Is The Format Of International Level Cricket

Cricket at the international level is played in three formats: Test matches, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals. The three formats of Cricket are played using the rules and regulations approved by the International Cricket Council. The laws of Cricket determine the clothing or kit worn by cricketers. A cricket player must wear Cricket whites also known as Flannels these fittings are loose to prevent restriction of the player’s movement, also there is the use of protective equipment, for example, helmets, gloves, and pads. Also, the clothes a Cricketer wears are determined by the format of Cricket they are playing, for example, Cricketers wear a collared shirt when playing one-day formats (international). This can be short or long-sleeved depending on personal preference or weather conditions. As for trousers Cricketers wear long trousers (in Test and domestic games they are white and as per team kit in one day format.

More About Cricket

The game of Cricket is popular worldwide, but it has a cult following in nations such as Australia and India. Brett Lee a former Australian cricketer also known as Binga, was recognized as the 2nd fastest bowler in history after Indian Akhtar. Binga was an athletic fielder and very instrumental lower-order batsman; he had a batting average of more than 20 in Test cricket. Another cricketer worth mentioning is Wicketkeeper-batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He holds the record as the most successful captain of the Indian national cricket team in every game.

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