How To Become A Mobile App Developer

How To Become A Mobile App Developer

this article you’ll learn about:

How to become a mobile app developer, app creation method, how to choose your programming language, why you should go through a coding Bootcamp, the main differences between mobile phones and tablets.

At first, there are a few questions that arise in our heads when we start doing something new – What do I need for an app? Which platform will I use? And what is an app? Then everything becomes easy. You create an app by using some application programming interface (API) or something like google apps and then it all depends on the code writing process.

What App Development Model Do I Need? 

There is no standard, and each app must be become an app develop according to its own needs and requirements. For example, beginners, developers, often need basic UI development first, so it is imperative for them to create an MVP before moving on to anything else. Mobile Apps can take longer, but for smaller companies, everything runs smoothly. The most popular platforms include Google Play, Apple Store, Zappos, Android Store, Amazon and many more. This article will look at the best practices to get started with app devlopment.

How Can We Create An App?

Nowadays apps are learn mobile app development from some existing technology. But can we build apps with any existing technology? Yes, absolutely. Let’s discuss examples of app development with current technologies. 

Android & Ios:

The same hardware can be used to create both Android apps and iOS apps. However, it is very important to have expertise in both technologies so that you don’t inconvenience your customers or customers, by making mistakes or breaking functionality. 

It’s also good to know that some websites require third party services and their apps, and only these apps can work across all devices. Moreover, there should be clear information about all apps that users won’t find, for example, what features are missing from the website, which apps are not available on the web portal, which apps are included in the app store, etc. It is extremely difficult to build an app without having any idea of all the features your website requires, but sometimes it is possible to work around it.

How Can I Choose My Programming Language?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing a programming language before starting a project. 

Don’t get yourself confused with the lack of native languages; all you have to know is that there are thousands of need mobile app developer written in various programming languages, and you don’t have to worry about finding the right ones.

Most Popular Programming Language

Here is a list of most popular programming languages and their equivalents, the most common being :

  • Python, 
  • C++, 
  • Java, 
  • JavaScript, 
  • HTML5, 
  • CSS3, 
  • jQuery,
  • Javascript,
  • AJAX, 
  • JSP, 
  • NodeJS,
  • TypeScript, 
  • Razor, 
  • Python2, 
  • HTML5 and 
  • Flash.

 They are all used globally and everyone knows about them, even if they aren’t the official programming language. They all support most programming languages and frameworks that you wouldn’t want to code your website in, For eg :

  • MySQL,
  • MongoDB, 
  • MSSQL, 
  • SQLite, 
  • ElasticSearch, 
  • Elasticity,
  • CloudFront, 
  • VPS, 
  • Dedicated Server and others. 

Also, Linux and Windows have plenty of packages available to help you to write codes quickly. 

How Do I Select Which Platform Should I Develop?

Developing an app is hard. That might sound intimidating when you see it on the box, especially when the name suggests something related to money. 

The major platforms that are available today are 
  • iOS,
  • Android, 
  • Windows Phone
  • Mac OS X, 
  • Ubuntu, and 
  • Linux. 

Every platform offers some unique benefit for beginners developers, depending on what they want to create, but here are the most common features:

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