How To Buy Cryptocurrency In India

How To Buy Cryptocurrency In India

Yes, we are talking about the talk of the city, digital finance. Setting aside our craze for investing in gold and diamonds, cryptocurrency is gaining major popularity among the new generation in terms of money-making returns and offers. So acquiring cryptocurrencies is certainly one of the most extraordinary things the 21st century has to offer. So Can you buy cryptocurrency in India? Certainly, yes? So how to buy crypto in India? Let’s get a load of it.

One of the first stages is for the investor to create an online storage option for the cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Coin DCX, and others) via a third-party service that links the investor’s bank account.

As we are fully aware of the fact that buying crypto via an exchange is among the easiest and safest processes for us. But still, reading all the security measures meticulously is more than important and vital when investing in them. How to buy crypto in India is perhaps the most trending question right now.

Where To Buy Cryptocurrency In India

We now know that cryptos are great, but the main question is where to buy cryptocurrency in India. In India, there is a large range of cryptocurrency exchange portfolios to choose from. Here’s a sneak glimpse at it:

1) UNOCOIN – It is the rightful king of all the crypto exchanges, which has played a significant role in bringing the crypto revolution. Reportedly introduced in the year 2013, they are the first newcomers in the Bitcoin space in India. They began in Tumkur, Karnataka and now have been shifted to Bengaluru.   

2) COIN DCX – referred to as one of the top exchange platforms with more than 4 Million users. They provide us with access to more than 200 cryptocurrencies at present; some of them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many more. They came into existence in 2018. One of their star features is that they have low trading fees compared to other exchange platforms. They also have an exchange award from Tracxn for the “Elite White List of Unicorns in India 2021.”

3) Zebpay – They are one of the extremely simple, user friendly with intensive security features like disabling any outgoing transactions with a single click. They also give you Rs.100 back on your first trade if you spend Rs.500 or more. According to Zebpay, over two-thirds of Indians have purchased their first Bitcoin on the platform. According to Zebpay, they have completed roughly 10 billion transactions to date.

4) WazirX – One of the most unusual cryptocurrency platforms is WazirX. They offer crypto named WRX on their portfolio. The user can avail of this across all platforms, i.e. on the web, on android and iOS mobiles, Windows and Mac apps. One of the major features offered by WazirX is that their investors can access peer-to-peer transactions with zero processing fees. It is a leading site where you can securely and efficiently buy cryptocurrency in India.

Hence, as we know, cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in the global financial system, and India is not the one to stay behind. But we shouldn’t turn a blind eye towards the high risks coming along the way. Their growth has already attracted the attention of several specs.

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